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Whistle partnered with Chapman & Company Leadership Institute – a globally recognized leadership training consultancy. Together we developed a new type of learning program to help new managers apply and practice what they learn.

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Give managers the ability, attention and motivation they need.

People change behavior by applying and practicing what they learn.  The hard truth is most training programs fail because they distribute learning content, but fail to change behavior.

Whistle’s 360 Behavior Change Model informs the design of our manager training program – integrating the key elements of behavior change (ability, attention and motivation).  We not only deliver manager training content in a clear and effective way, but focus on the application of the behaviors that make the manager a better people leader.

Whistle 360 Behavior Change Model

Designed specifically to help first time people leaders

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Learn about the basic elements of the program and how the program is organized to make each manager more effective and successful in their people leadership role.

  • Gain knowledge and training in the single most requested leadership skill
  • Break down listening into repeatable behaviors to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Value people, actualize care, and increase your understanding of any given situation
  • Learn a simple and effective formula for delivering and receiving, actionable feedback
  • Increase the chances of behavior change while preserving the working relationship
  • Develop confrontation skills to build confidence and advance progress
  • Learn the role trust plays in creating high performing teams
  • Learn a skill to evaluate the amount and type of trust with team members
  • Develop behaviors that increase trust in any team, industry, and culture
  • Gain an awareness of the power of recognition through neuroscience and case study 
  • Utilize the leadership behaviors to value people and leverage recognition programs
  • Implement recognition and celebration practices to encourage desired behaviors
  • Learn the behaviors and tactics of being a coach to develop others 
  • Build problem-solving capacity and capability within self and others
  • Increase sales numbers and customer service through greater empathy and understanding
  • Assess how you approach or distance yourself from others
  • Use the skill of curiosity to strengthen empathy and drive connection
  • Learn behaviors to close the distance and be a more inclusive leader
  • Develop effective and efficient methods to connect with your people and build relationships
  • Use listening and recognition as acts of inclusion
  • Be inspired to take personal responsibility for building a more inclusive environment

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