Whistle helps construction companies boost their bottom line

Improve safety, productivity and technology adoption

More than a rewards platform, Whistle helps construction companies empower teams and change behavior.

Welcome to Whistle!

The Whistle platform automates the complexity of rewards, incentives and recognition so construction companies can move the needle on safety, productivity, technology adoption and so much more.

Focus on the right problems

With so much going on at the job site, its easy for small actions to fall between the cracks.  Whistle Rewards is unique because it focuses on the behaviors that improve safety, attendance, productivity and other people outcomes that make your construction business more successful.

Use the right technology

You would not use a shovel to drive a nail, so why do you expect job site behaviors to change when you are not using tools to change behavior?  Whistle Rewards sends updates, recognition and rewards in real time to maximize the behavioral impact and its so easy to use, people in the field don’t need to download an app!

Take the right approach

Leverage the latest thinking in behavioral science and analytics to create a solution specific to your team.  Easily deploy Whistle Rewards by itself or integrate with any workflow or technology to boost performance and improve ROI of your current investment.

Create. Fund. Send.

Whistle Rewards is easy!

Set up and deploy Whistle in minutes.  Whistle was designed with simplicity in mind because no one needs more work to do.

  • Create a Whistle account

  • Fund your rewards budget

  • Start sending rewards!

Whistle Rewards App
Construction rewards app

Leverage the power of instant incentives.

Most leaders don’t realize that every day you delay a reward you reduce the impact by 5%.  Start sending incentives, rewards and recognition as behaviors happen so you get the results and people get the reward!

Integrate with what matters to you.

Use as a stand-alone platform, integrate with other technology like Procore or connect our API to any existing tech stack. Whistle Rewards makes it easy to improve outcomes for every workflow without the complexity of multiple reward systems.  

Whistle integrations

Empower managers on every job site.

Give managers and site supervisors the ability to recognize and reward the behaviors as they happen.  Empower managers to take charge and build the culture that drives your success.

The freedom to reward who you want.

All you need is a phone number and name to start rewarding employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers – anyone you want for any reason.  And they don’t even need to download an app to receive a reward!

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Gain new insights and improve performance.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to get value from Whistle’s reporting tools.  Whistle is easy to use and our client success team can help you find new insights and benchmark against industry averages. Whatever your level of data sophistication, Whistle can help.

Partnering with construction companies like you.

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