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Each year companies spend over $1 trillion on employee programs – and most of that is wasted.  Turnover is increasing, engagement is shrinking and productivity declining. We are on a mission to improve the employee experience for everyone, improving outcomes for people and companies. Whistle continues to grow our network of  partners across many industries including healthcare, finance, and technology. Our partners are bringing more value to their members and customers with Whistle.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Whistle to the BankTalentHQ family. Whistle’s innovative platform is a great resource for bankers to learn how to better engage staff while combating employee retention shortcomings. .”  

“Whistle gives us the ability to put rewards and incentives right in the candidate and employee experience – without adding another step in the process. It’s super easy and simple.”

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Cross-Country Healthcare

Workforce Solutions

Cross Country is your strategic partner for workforce solutions, offering tech-enabled advisory and staffing capabilities. We’ll work with you to create cost-effective labor management of core and contract staff, based on your specific financial and operating inefficiencies. Our results help increase the quality of care at the bedside, while reducing your labor costs.


Human-centered Leadership in Healthcare

It starts with you, but it’s not about you. uleadership is an educational program designed to teach leaders to focus first on personal transformation (it starts with you), and lead in service to others which results in sustainable cultures of excellence, caring and trust (but it’s not about you)!

Chapman & Co

Leadership Institute

Regardless of the product or service, all organizations have two things in common: they employ and serve people. The majority of a person’s waking hours are spent in their place of employment. Yet according to a Harvard Business Review survey, 58% of people report they would trust a stranger more than they would trust their direct leader. Organizations have a significant opportunity to treat people in a different way; a way that energizes, provides purpose, and leads to personal growth.


Candidate & Employee Experience Platform

Talent is the most important part of your company strategy. Having the right people in the right roles makes the difference between single-digit or double-digit growth. And finding and retaining the right talent is top priority. Largely helps companies authentically and relatably share what it’s like to work in their organization.  From talent attraction to onboarding to internal communications, Largely creates connections through your candidate and employee experiences.

BankTalent HQ

Premier Job Board for Financial Services Industry

FIND YOUR FUTURE IN BANKING. Whatever your talents, interests and educational background, there is a career in banking for you. Ready to work for a thriving industry with a wide range of job roles and career paths? Explore a career in banking. Banking offers career opportunities beyond finance and retail banking—from technology to communications, community development and more. Find your next career move today.


Biometric Mobile Time Platform

Thousands of employees use Findd’s revolutionary mobile biometrics to punch in and out of work, submit leave, review their schedule, and allow administrators to prep for payroll. Used by small companies with only a handful of employees as well as some of the largest employers in the world. More than just time tracking, Findd provides biometric time tracking on any smartphone, any tablet without the need for a connection. It’s as easy as taking a selfie! From sign-up to time tracking in 15 minutes.

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