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Employee Loyalty Starts with Better Employee Onboarding

Most employee onboarding stinks. It’s built to be easy for the administrator and ends up being at best inconvenient and at worst it actually contributes to your turnover. Create an employee onboarding experience that builds employee loyalty instead of destroying it.

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Whistle integrates the most valuable elements of a complete employee onboarding experience in an easy to use template so you can set up and manage an employee onboarding experience with ease.

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Whistle focuses on simplicity throughout the user experience because no one needs more libraries of information or un-curated content.  Removing distracting features and focusing on what matters helps you and your employees accomplish more with less.

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From HR to accounting systems, Slack to Teams, whistle makes integration into almost any platform easy so you can automate more of you employee onboarding complexity and reduce time wasted managing process.

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The Whistle platform automates the complexity of specific people programs, like employee onboarding, so companies can move the needle on employee loyalty – improving their top and bottom line in just a few months.

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Employee Onboarding Features


Proven to be 20% more effective than traditional learning methods and a whole lot more convenient for a busy employee, Whistle allows learning elements to be easily integrated throughout the onboarding experience.

Progress Metrics

One of the largest gaps in most learning or onboarding programs is applied learning, practicing a new skill or task.  Whistle can help track actions taken in and out of the platform helping new employees build confidence through the onboarding experience.

Real Time Payments

Real time payments allows small rewards and budgets to be integrated through the onboarding experience – rewarding success and maintaining high levels of motivation throughout the onboarding journey.


Collect feedback and listen to new employees throughout the onboarding journey.  Help identify gaps and opportunities to better support employees as needs change over time.


Set small monthly payments and budgets to give new employees the ability to immediately have a sense of culture ownership and incentives to build connection to coworkers.


Easily integrate with other systems so administrative tasks and steps can be connected to and automated through the onboarding experience.

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How does Employee Onboarding work?

Whistle admin is easy

Create a Whistle account for your company – it just takes a few minutes

Copy an existing employee onboarding program template

Edit onboarding program to make it your own.  Upload videos, integrate learning content, integrate key metrics

Launch onboarding to new employees (even this can be automated if integrated with your HRIS)

Observe progress in real time with progress dashboard