Who we are: Team Whistle


We are people helping companies create employee loyalty

Each year companies spend over $1 trillion on employee programs – and most of that is wasted.  Turnover is increasing, engagement is shrinking and productivity declining. We are on a mission to improve the employee experience for everyone, improving outcomes for people and companies.

A Human Centered Company

WE ARE HUMAN and recognize that we all bring different strengths, skills, histories, vulnerabilities and energy to work

WE ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS and take responsibility to grow as humans, teammates and members of society

WE ARE FOCUSED ON POSITIVE RESULTS and value work that has purpose, meaning and impact

WE ARE PART OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY and strive to build an inclusive, equitable, safe and sustainable world

An experienced team

Who we are

We are a team of experienced innovators, entrepreneurs, data and behavioral scientists, software engineers and more – who are serious about our mission but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We believe people are a company’s most valuable resource – the source of innovation, insights and productivity.

What we are looking for?

Are you someone who has a passion for great service and helping others be successful?  Do you love to learn about different companies and what makes them work?  Do you see chaos and lack of process as an opportunity to build solutions?  Would people describe you as a positive person who brings energy and enthusiasm to their work?  Would people describe you as a great problem solver, analytical thinker and clear communicator?  Are you naturally curious about the world and proactive in learning more about it? If yes to these, send us an email and introduce yourself!

Experience in the Payment Space: 20+ years
Experience in Behavior Science: 15+ years
Experience Building SaaS Platforms: 21+ years
Hours spent watching Netflix this year: 2,143
Games of Pickleball played: 163
Socially distant backyard meetings: 49
Total cats and dogs: 13

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