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improved safety outcomes with incentives and rewards
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Kelly A., Senior Operations Manager

Easy to deploy and manage

Whistle is the most efficient reward technology on the market.  Set up and launch a new program or add incentives to an existing program in just a few minutes.  Its so simple, your employees wont even need to download an app!

Efficient and cost effective

Whistle was designed with simplicity in mind – keeping costs low and impacts high.  Remove the complexity of administration, deployment and accounting with a simple to use platform designed to improve behaviors on the job site or factory floor.

Ideal for distributed teams

Today’s workforce is distributed, hybrid, sub-contracted and gig.  Regardless of the team composition or location – Whistle makes safety rewards and incentive programs to support every type of team.

Happy construction team using Whistle

A better approach to safety

By leveraging behavioral science and integrating communication, learning and feedback tools with rewards and incentives, Whistle is the only platform designed to change behavior and create the culture of safety your company needs to be successful.

Connect rewards to what matters

With over 70 HR integrations, communication tools like Microsoft Teams and construction management software like Procore, Whistle makes it easy to automate rewards and maximize your results.

Whistle integrations

Curate and encourage better outcomes with Robin.

Robin is Whistle’s AI persona who continually curates each person’s experience in the platform and makes suggestions to participants and administrators alike on how to achieve the greatest impact.

Best in class reports and insights.

Of course, you can review, report and export all your safety rewards data.  Benchmark your organization to see who is keeping up on reporting and what job sites are creating a culture of safety. Integrate data to create custom dashboards or work with our data team to develop new insights and predictive models to take corrective actions early.