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Introducing Whistle Rewards for Procore. The easiest way to improve data entry, reporting, and compliance.

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Whistle Rewards Case Study for Procore Users

Constructor Boosts Safety Reporting by 50% for about $5 a day!

Learn how a $600m construction company is using Whistle Rewards to dramatically improve safety reporting in Procore. For just $5 a day across 9 different projects driving 100% participation.


Why add Whistle Rewards to Procore?

Adapting to new software can sometimes be met with resistance. However, by integrating rewards into Procore, you can foster user adoption and engagement. Motivate your team to explore and fully leverage Procore’s data management capabilities. With rewards for using the system effectively, you’ll create a team of enthusiastic Procore champions who embrace the platform wholeheartedly.

Data entry is paramount in construction management. Missed entry and inconsistencies erode progress visibility, increase risks and prevent new insights. Whistle Rewards integration helps form new habits, creates a culture of accountability and attention to detail. By rewarding consistent data entry, Procore can live up to its potential as a hub for complete accurate project information, ensuring smoother operations.

Timely data is vital for effective decision making and making sure your project record is accurate and up-to-date.  With Whistle Rewards integration, you can incentivize your team to enter safety data promptly, eliminating delays and bottlenecks in information flow. Reducing risks from audits or future actions.  Timely updates and real-time visibility empower constructors to make informed decisions, drive productivity, and minimize risks on every job.

Whistle’s data analytics capabilities, provide valuable insights into project performance. By integrating rewards, you can drive the utilization of these insights, encouraging your team to leverage data analytics to identify trends, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions. The result is continuous improvement, increased efficiency, and heightened project success rates.

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Getting started with Whistle Rewards is easy

Its easy and only takes a minute!  Connect your account from Procore and we will automatically set up everything with Whistle.

From the number of safety entries in the daily log to photos uploaded by a sub-contractor.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can improve the performance of your team using Whistle Rewards.

Whistle Rewards will make recommendations for each reward program, but you can edit any reward amount as you see fit. Use a credit card to fund your budget in a few seconds or send an ACH transfer (this takes 2-3 business days)

With automated communications and reminders, you can sit back and watch your team’s performance improve.  Real time dashboards and financial transparency make accounting easy and results fool-proof.  Participants in the program don’t need to download anything, Whistle can send an emails and/or text messages as they progress towards their goal.

Whistle automatically provisions a Visa Debit card that can be immediately accessed through a text or email link and added to a digital wallet.  Participants can also request a physical card that will arrive with 3-5 business days.  Multiple programs can operate through one card making it easy for both managers and participants.