Whistle Payments. A Modern Approach to Employee Payments

Employee Payments Simplified – a win for everyone.

Simplify employee bonus payments, increase transparency of spending, eliminate wasteful giftcards, save money for you and your employees – switch to Whistle and you will wonder why you did not sooner?

real time employee payments

Real time

In the digital world, why would we accept anything other than real-time?  And for every day of delay, the impact of a reward or bonus on behavior is reduced by 4.5%.  Real time payments delivers more value to the employee and your business – a win for everyone!

Easy employee payments

Easy to manage

Whistle payments simplifies the distribution of funds so managers can spend more time creating value and less times with process. With budgets, real-time reporting and full transparency companies can stay compliant and have greater peace of mind.

fair employee payments

No breakage or hidden fees

2% to 20% of value typically consumed through breakage, load fees or processing fees – often hidden in the fine print. Whistle payments ends all of these fees so you and your employees get the full payment value.  Why would you accept anything else?

Whistle App - Web and Mobile

The Whistle platform automates the complexity of specific people programs, like employee payments, so companies can move the needle on employee loyalty – improving their top and bottom line in just a few months.

Companies already improving employee loyalty with Whistle

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Employee payments case study

Case Study: Build a More Inclusive Culture with Shared Philanthropy Budgets

Learn how Whistle helped a company build a more inclusive culture by creating a culture building budget for philanthropy – that also changed how the CEO thinks about supporting the community.

How are companies using Whistle Payments?

Spot bonuses

Whistle Payments allows real-time distribution of rewards and bonuses in seconds.  No more ordering and distributing thousands of gift cards.  No more breakage and waste.  A win for companies and employees alike!

Virtual Team Building

Hybrid work is here to stay.  Take everyone to lunch or buy a cup of coffee no matter their location by sending funds directly to their mobile device.  Who doesn’t like a free lunch now and then?

Travel Stipends

Team member on the road?  Send funds to a mobile device or physical card and track expenses in real time.  You can even set up rules on how funds can be used or return unused funds when travel is complete.

Culture Building

Set small monthly payments and budgets to give everyone the opportunity to invest in the company.  Democratize culture, build inclusivity and give everyone some skin in the game.

Incentivize Learning

Create micro payments as your team demonstrates new knowledge and skills.  Give your people and company both the ability and motivation to succeed!

Support the Unbanked

Whistle Payments allows real-time distribution of payments to employees for any purpose, including the unbanked – saving fees for everyone and supporting your most vulnerable employees.

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How does Whistle Payments work?

Whistle admin is easy

Create a Whistle account for your company – it just takes a few minutes

Fund a budget via ACH, credit card or wire transfer

Payments can be distributed to an employee or partner in seconds

Payments can be used via mobile device or physical card

Company has real-time transaction visibility ensuring compliance and reporting are a breeze.