Microlearning, a better way to learn


Bigger results with Microlearning.

Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time with the right incentive.  Better returns on your current learning investment.

Whistle Microlearning

What makes Whistle Microlearning so much better?

Simplicity of design

Simplicity of Design

Whistle Microlearning delivers learning content in a format that keeps our focus on what is important.  By constantly removing points of friction, more brainpower is used on what is most important – the content.

Whistle badges

Badges and Certificates

Badges, certificates and other forms of recognition are natively integrated, keeping people motivated and engaged throughout the experience.  Customize badges to celebrate achievements large and small.

AI informed nudges

AI Informed Nudges

Robin, the Whistle AI persona, continually analyzes what is most important and provides nudges in form of short messages to keep each individual focused on the learning content that is most valuable to them.

behavioral science

Behavioral Science Throughout

Whistle is designed with science in mind.  Behavioral science principals inform the design of the Whistle platform to ensure that each person’s experience is designed to empower their success.

Easy to administer

Easy to Configure

Intuitive admin tools make content creation and configuration easy, so your content keeps up with the rapidly changing needs of your people and business.

Mobile payments

Integrated Payments

Whistle is the first learning platform to integrate the key elements that drive better business outcomes – including the ability to provide rewards and incentives in real-time.  Whistle Payments is a simple yet powerful motivating resource.

Loved by our clients

We looked at dozens of platforms and it was clear that Whistle is way ahead of the curve.  The focus on user experience, direct connection to business results and the advanced data tools made Whistle an easy decision.

– Jamie Damato Migdal
CEO, Fetchfind

The Whistle Platform gives clients the ability to organize client data in new ways, and more importantly deliver custom reports that automatically segment results for different people in the organization.  Whistle is game changing.

– Jesse Wolfersberger
CEO, Vrity

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Companies are using Whistle Microlearning to solve some of their biggest challenges

And thinking of whole new ways to improve business results

  • Employee Onboarding

    An effective employee onboarding program can cut employee turnover in half and boost productivity.  Ready for a modern approach to onboarding?

  • Product Training

    From employees to service partners, everyone performs better when they understand the product and services you offer.  Whistle is working with companies to create incentivized product training programs that drive better business outcomes.

  • Safety and Technical Training

    Not only does microlearning improve knowledge retention, but Whistle Microlearning keeps a real-time record of learning activity and can provide a modern approach to safety and technical training.

  • Leadership Development

    Managers are often promoted because of technical experience, but often lack the effective leadership and people skills to be successful.  Whistle is helping companies change that and build leadership learning ecosystems.

  • Culture Building

    Culture training should be more than a slide deck on your first week of employment.  Whistle is helping companies reimagine culture training through ongoing microlearning programs and opportunities to celebrate the right behaviors.

Learn more about the advantages of Microlearning

Whistle’s new white paper explores 7 advantages of microlearning and how it can dramatically improve learning in your channel.

In a Whistle survey of 250 sales channel professionals, 75.6% said they are more effective at selling when they are well informed about the product, and more than half wanted better training programs. Clearly, learning is a critical pillar for a successful sales channel, yet this element is totally broken in most businesses.