What We Do - Whistle


We help companies change employee behavior

  • Better Engagement
  • Safer Working Environments
  • Lower Turnover

The Whistle platform automates the complexity of specific people programs, like safety incentives, bonus payments, culture budgets, training and more so companies can move the needle on the behaviors that reduce risk and grow the bottom line.

How? Understanding and addressing the needs of the modern workforce.

Employees focus on relational elements as primary factors of attrition and engagement. (1) Feeling valued by my organization and (2) manager, (3) having a sense of belonging.

Employers focus on transactional elements as primary factors for attrition and engagement – (1) Compensation, (2) looking for a better job and (3) poor health.

Delivering the most efficient and effective way to help people feel valued.

  • Employee Recognition

    The simplicity of Whistle means better engagement, better employee recognition and a better culture for everyone in and around your business.

  • Safety Incentives and Rewards

    Safety incentive programs improve safety outcomes.  From the job site to the factory floor, integrate safety incentives and empower managers with Safety reward budgets to build the culture of safety everyone deserves.

  • Bonus and Reward Payments

    Simplify employee bonus payments, increase transparency of spending, eliminate wasteful giftcards that waste money and are a pain to administer.

  • Culture building budgets

    Give managers and team members a powerful way to shape their own experience.  From wellness rewards to team-building lunches and everything in between.  Help everyone feel more included and valued.

  • Front line manager training

    Support new managers with the people leadership skills needed to be lead people.  Leverage Whistle’s library of first-time leader training content or integrate your own – either way its more effective with Whistle!

  • Employee onboarding

    Create an employee onboarding experience that builds employee loyalty instead of damaging it.  Learn how Whistle is changing the onboarding experience and helping cut employee turnover in half!

Employee loyalty is what we do

Whistle simplifies and automates the complexity of relational people programs by seamlessly integrating the key features needed to change behavior.  Incentives and rewards, learning and communication, surveys, quizzes and badges that can all be organized to improve an outcome like safety, retention, technology adoption or engagement.

Partnering with our clients to deliver measurable results

We develop the most advanced data capabilities to insure no insights are ever lost, and we created an exceptional client success team to support clients of every size and every level of sophistication.

Employee loyalty is what we do

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