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Crowding-in Motivation for Lasting Impact

Well-designed incentive programs can motivate teams to internalize new behaviors and create habits and pattern behaviors with lasting impact.
Incentives avoiding entitlement

Incentives: Avoiding Entitlement with these 3 steps

Use incentives effectively and avoid the pitfalls that create a sense of entitlement.
Birthday Rewards and Service Anniversary Rewards
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Whistle’s New Birthday and Service Anniversary Rewards

Whistle's New Birthday and Service Anniversary Rewards Streamline Employee Appreciation

5 Concepts That Shape Whistle Rewards

5 major concepts that are shaping the design and experience of the award winning Whistle Rewards platform.
Send a spot reward in Procore
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Send a Spot Reward in Procore

Send a reward from Procore to anyone on the job site in seconds!
Incentives for Submittal Logs in Procore

Add Incentives to Procore Submittal Log to Boost Profitability and Safety.

Submittal Logs are a important to the success of every project. Whistle Rewards helps Procore users boost their Submittal Log success.
Combatting burnout in mental healthcare with reward and recognition
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Combating Burnout in Healthcare with Rewards and Recognition

Encompassing recognition and appreciation for employees' efforts, is fundamental in the fight to reduce burnout in mental healthcare
Timely reward in construction

Harnessing the Power of Timely Rewards in Construction

Timeliness is the most imortant factor when it comes to rewards and recognition.
New feature - recognition

Whistle Reward’s New Recognition Tools

More than an easy to use recognition platform, Whistle was designed to improve safety, retention and more!
FI incentives versus rewards
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Incentives versus Rewards

Whats the difference between incentives and rewards, and when to use them to create results.
FAQs, Freuently Asked Questions

New Client Frequently Asked Questions

Whistle Rewards Frequently Asked Questions for new or prospective clients.
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Add Whistle Rewards to your Procore Account

Adding Whistle Rewards to your Procore account is easy and only takes a minute.
Improve Safety Incident Reporting in Procore
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Improving Safety Incident Reporting in Procore

Set up an automated incentive for safety incident reporting in Procore using Whistle Rewards.
Tis the season to practice gratitude

Tis the Season to Be Jolly and Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude might be the secret to getting through the holiday season.
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The Right Tool for the Job: Improving Construction Projects Using Rewards and Incentives

Improving construction projects using rewards and incentives and the science behind it.
Simplifying rewards to boost retention and engagement
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Creating Employee Loyalty with Corporate Philanthropy

What would happen if companies gave employees control of corporate philanthropy?