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Tis the season to practice gratitude

Tis the Season to Be Jolly and Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude might be the secret to getting through the holiday season.

The Right Tool for the Job: Improving Construction Projects Using Rewards and Incentives

Improving construction projects using rewards and incentives and the science behind it.
Simplifying rewards to boost retention and engagement
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Creating Employee Loyalty with Corporate Philanthropy

What would happen if companies gave employees control of corporate philanthropy?
Maximize employee rewards in banking

Maximizing Employee Retention in the Banking Industry

Let's explore the real reasons employees quit and how banking HR leaders can enhance their rewards programs to improve retention.
Banking employees happy to receive rewards

The Importance of Timely Rewards in the Banking Industry

When employees are rewarded promptly, the impact of the reward is significantly greater than if it is delayed for days or weeks.
Why incentives fail

Why Incentives Fail

Incentives are powerful tools. Be careful about the design of your program, paying special attention to your goals and any potential for unintended consequences.
FI Banks are missing the mark on employee loyalty

Banks are missing the mark on employee loyalty

INFOGRAPHIC: Banks are missing the mark on employee loyalty.
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Making Employee Retention Personal: Meaning

When there is shared meaning between an employee and their employer, both parties are working towards a common goal and are committed to achieving that goal.
5 pitfalls of corporate gift cards

The 5 Pitfalls of Corporate Gift Cards

There are major risks employers face with using gift cards for employee incentives and rewards. 5 pitfalls to consider and what you should do about them.
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SMS Text Feature makes Whistle the easiest employee payments and reward tool ever

The Whistle SMS Text Feature allows managers and team leads to send secure bonus payments and rewards in seconds via text message.
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The Importance of Aligning Company Values with Business Trajectory

One way to ensure an easier and more cohesive decision-making process is by using company values as the guide

The Importance of Measuring Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace

One of the most effective ways to create an inclusive environment is by surveying employees about their experiences in the workplace, particularly women, who often face unique challenges and barriers in their careers.
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Creating a Sense of Belonging For your Employees

Fostering belonging in the workplace means that people of all backgrounds get a seat at the table and feel heard, seen, and recognized for their contributions.

BankTalentHQ Announces Partnership with Whistle

BankTalentHQ, the premier job board for opportunities in financial services, has recently partnered with the employee retention platform Whistle to expand resources available to employers.
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Making Employee Retention Personal: Belonging

Fostering belonging in the workplace means that people of all backgrounds get a seat at the table and feel heard, seen, and recognized for their contributions.
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Employee Engagement in the Multigenerational Workplace

We have all heard the jokes. Gen Z doesn’t want to work. Millennials want kale smoothie bars in the kitchen. Boomers can’t convert from Word to PDF. Gen X sits back and watches all the other generations go at it.
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Great alternatives to happy hour for remote and virtual employees.

Building a great team culture is a moving target. The common team culture tropes — have a pizza party or a happy hour — are plays from an outdated playbook.