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Whitney Kenter Employee Loyalty Leader

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Whitney Kenter

Whitney Kenter is an entrepreneur and creative visionary helping companies unlock the value and potential of their business.
Employee Loyalty App featured image

4 Key Elements of an Employee Loyalty App

4 elements are critical for an effective employee loyalty app.
Employee Loyalty Leader David Klein

Employee Loyalty Leaders with David Klein

Getting to know people and being human is a key element of being a great leader according to David Klein, Sr. Director of Talent at Spirit Airlines.
Challenges with Employee Onboarding

Challenges with Employee Onboarding (and How to Solve Them)

Employee onboarding is critical to the success of any business but most companies are not taking these steps to create a better employee onboarding experience.
Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee Appreciation “Gifts” Can Be Worse Than Doing Nothing

Employee appreciation can be effective at building employee loyalty, but when done wrong it can be worse than doing nothing.
5 Things Employee Onboarding

Start Doing These 5 Things When Onboarding New Employees

Employee burnout can sneak up on even the most ambitious people — making it a condition that today’s leaders and business executives need to take seriously.
Katie Harman, VP HR Comtrea

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Katie Harman

Organizations must focus on up-skilling and developing their current staff for succession planning.
Employee Burnout Affects Everyone

No One is Immune to Employee Burnout — Not Even HR

Employee burnout can sneak up on even the most ambitious people — making it a condition that today’s leaders and business executives need to take seriously.
Employee Hierarchy of Needs

The Employee Hierarchy of Needs

The Employee Hierarchy of Needs white paper examines the root cause of the employee retention problem - including the disconnect between what employees want and what managers are doing.  
Jennifer Patterson

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Jennifer Patterson

When employees feel like they are the top priority, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. This leads to a more productive and engaged workforce
Rob Seay, COO Artigem

Employee Loyalty Leaders with Rob Seay

Companies with a strong, defined culture centered around trust, care and empathy always seem to navigate challenges very well. - Rob Seay
Whistle Payments Slack Integration
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New Feature – Slack Integration

Bring payments to where your team is already communicating with Whistle Payments Slack Integration
Employee Payments

The $150 Billion Industry No One Likes

New research from Whistle found people managers spend $774 per month on employees - but 98% are frustrated by the process.
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Pizza Parties Are Not the Answer to Your Retention Problems

Most employers don’t know what specific employees enjoy or value. So, skip the gift cards, pizza parties and focus on what moves the needle on employee engagement and retention
Employee Retention
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Your Employees Are Not Quitting Because of Compensation

Employers have a basic misunderstanding of why people quit. A recent study sheds some light on the topic.
Whistle Press Release

Whistle Closes on $3.2 Million Seed Funding Round

Whistle, a new generation of employee experience platform, announced today it has raised a $3.2 million seed funding round

Employee Rewards: Time is the Enemy

When it comes to rewards, the most critical and overlooked element is timing. Consider 3 changes to your reward strategy to preserve the value of your investment.
Bank professionals prefer cash rewards

Data and Articles on Employee Loyalty in Banking

There are major risks employers face with using gift cards for employee incentives and rewards. 5 pitfalls to consider and what you should do about them.
Great onboarding

The 4 Elements of Great Employee Onboarding

Any great employe onboarding experience (one that positively impacts employee productivity and retention) must address four key areas. Done will onboarding can boost employee retention and productivity
categories of learning content
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The 4 Categories of Learning Content

What does effective employee training look like? Whistle developed a guide to help clarify the 4 categories of learning content to build a complete employee training program.

5 Microlearning Best Practices

Microlearning is one of the best ways to retain knowledge and introduce new concepts. Here are 5 best practices for creating a great microlearning program