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Employee turnover is at an all time high

Employee turnover is at an all time high. Here are 5 things you can do to fix it and stay ahead of the competition.
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The hidden risk of diversity training, and what you should do about it

Diversity leads to better outcomes. When not managed well it can result in poorer performance than you’d get with homogenous teams. Here are some tips to manage that risk.

Manager training is costing you millions, and you don’t even know it

New research from Whistle highlights the gaps in manager training and how most companies are losing millions without being aware of the problem or how to fix it.

Understanding and Addressing Turnover in Manufacturing

Turnover in manufacturing is at an all time high of 44.3% costing companies millions. One key area often overlooked by companies can significantly reduce employee turnover.

What is Microlearning? (And what are the benefits?)

Microlearning is gaining in popularity due to growing research that suggests it is a better learning format than a lecture, presentation or more traditional longer-form learning methods, and because it more closely resembles the patterns of how we consume other content on mobile devices
Microlearning can improve channel performance

Channel Learning is Broken, and Microlearning Can Fix It

Companies waste billions of dollars each year on outdated education and learning programs across the channel. Learn about the 7 advantages of Microlearning and how Whistle can improve the performance of your channel ecosystem.
Making friends with friction white paper

Making Friends with Friction

Friction is a critical element of behavior change but most people have a very limited understanding of positive friction and how it can increase motivation and creating lasting behavioral patterns

How Microlearning Will Transform the Sales Channel

75% of channel sales people want better support and learning from their channel partners. Whistle Microlearning has the potential to bridge this gap