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Largely and Whistle announcement

Whistle partners with Largely, the Candidate & Employee Experience Platform, to provide incentives for the attraction experience

ST. LOUIS, MO January 3, 2023 – Whistle, a new generation employee loyalty platform, announced today a partnership with Largely, a candidate & employee experience platform helping companies capture and leverage employee stories to hire and engage amazing people. The partnership gives Largely the ability to provide incentives and rewards for content creation, candidate expenses and employee referral programs, as they support company’s hiring and retention objectives.

“In a hyper competitive labor market, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to attract, hire and retain talent.  Giving companies an easy way to reward existing and future employees is a powerful mechanism”, said Rich Dredge, CEO and Founder of Largely. “Whistle gives us the ability to put rewards and incentives right in the candidate and employee experience – without adding another step in the process. It’s super easy and simple.”

Whistle Payments is integrated through open APIs, utilizing the highly effective user paths Largely has already developed. The payment process is as simple as sending an email (not requiring an account, user ID or password for the candidate). Largely will be using Whistle Payments to improve content-capture rewards and easily incentivize outdated employee referral programs. 

“Companies are struggling with employee hiring and retention. They have to stand out from the crowd. Whistle Payments puts rewards and incentives at the right place at the right time to drive behavior,” said Drew Carter, CEO of Whistle. “Traditional hiring processes are pretty boring and broken. Largely identified that and has been incredibly innovative. Based on the success they are seeing we were tickled to be asked to partner with them to help solve the rewards challenge for their clients.” 

Timing, research has shown, is the most critical aspect of any reward or recognition. This is especially true when companies are trying to motivate specific behaviors, such as developing employee generated content. With Whistle Payments, Largely and their clients will be able to send a payment to anyone in the world in seconds.

For more information about Whistle and how companies are using Whistle Payments, go to https://wewhistle.com/what-we-do/whistle-payments/ or contact media@wewhistle.com. To set up a Whistle Payments account contact us.  To explore our integration capabilities, go to https://api.wewhistle.com/docs. For more information about Largely and how organizations are creating connections through Largely, go to www.largely.com or contact success@largely.com.

About Whistle

Whistle helps companies improve profit by hiring and retaining their best people. Our platform integrates learning technology and real-time payments with AI and business intelligence so companies can optimize their investment in people – allowing them to improve retention, productivity, and profitability.

About Largely

At Largely, we understand talent is the most important part of your company strategy. Having the right people in the right roles makes the difference between single-digit or double-digit growth. And finding and retaining the right talent is top priority. Largely helps companies authentically and relatably share what it’s like to work in their organization.  From talent attraction to onboarding to internal communications, Largely creates connections through your candidate and employee experiences.