BankTalent HQ announces partnership with Whistle
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BankTalentHQ Announces Partnership with Whistle to Provide Employee Retention Platform to

Member Banks

Illinois – BankTalentHQ, the premier job board for opportunities in financial services, has recently partnered with the employee retention platform Whistle to expand resources available to employers. The collaboration will offer member banks access to Whistle’s innovative platform, which enables employers to motivate and further engage with employees, leading to increased retention rates and reduced turnover costs. 

Recent data from the 2022 Crowe Survey reported that the turnover rate for front-line bank staff rose by 7.3 percent in 2022, increasing to 23.4 percent. This increase happened despite the fact that the average pay for the same group rose by 5 percent in 2022. With this partnership, BankTalentHQ and Whistle aim to help member banks reduce turnover costs by providing an effective employee retention solution. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Whistle to the BankTalentHQ family,” said Callan Stapleton, President of BankTalentHQ. “Whistle’s innovative platform is a great resource for bankers to learn how to better engage staff while combating employee retention shortcomings. We’re excited to work with our State Banking Association partners to take BankTalentHQ to the next level, helping our bankers not only find employees, but also retain top talent.”  

Whistle’s platform is designed to help employers understand their employees’ needs and take action to meet them. From better onboarding to employee payments, remote team engagement to learning experiences – the Whistle platform integrates the key elements that create employee loyalty and better business outcomes. 

“We are delighted to partner with BankTalentHQ, an organization that shares our commitment to empowering employees and driving success in the banking industry. With our innovative employee retention software and BankTalentHQ’s expertise in the banking industry, we are excited to provide unparalleled value to banks across the U.S.,” said Drew Carter, co-founder and CEO of Whistle. “This partnership is a testament to our dedication to improving employee retention and fostering a culture of growth and development in the workplace. We look forward to working closely with BankTalentHQ to make a positive impact on the banking industry.” 

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There are many factors that influence employee loyalty but Whistle is the first employee loyalty app specifically designed for that purpose. By leveraging Whistle and integrating with other programs, Whistle can help companies improve both their top and bottom line.

In a recent case study, Whistle helped a manufacturing company reduce turnover by 26% in just 90 days through a redesigned onboarding program. Whistle’s employee loyalty app brought the company’s on-boarding process into the digital age and put it in every employee’s pocket. Employees raved about the mobile-first experience and cash reward system. 

Companies are using Whistle to help people-managers improve relationships with their direct reports, rethinking incentives and rewards, and even changing their approach to culture – building a more inclusive workplace and helping to attract quality candidates.

Contact us for a free demo and better understand how much you can improve employee loyalty when using an employee loyalty app!

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