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Introducing birthday and service anniversary rewards

Whistle’s New Birthday and Service Anniversary Rewards Streamline Employee Appreciation

At Whistle, we believe celebrating employee milestones is integral to fostering a positive workplace culture. However, we understand the administrative challenges of manually recognizing every birthday and service anniversary. That’s why we’ve launched our new Birthday and Service Anniversary Rewards feature – to simplify the process of honoring these special occasions.

Personalized Recognition, Simplified Administration

This latest feature empowers you to craft unique, tailored recognitions for employee birthdays and service anniversaries with minimal effort. Customize your messages, include celebratory GIFs, and even provide monetary rewards if desired – all through a seamless setup process.

“This feature directly addresses the pain point of juggling multiple employee milestones,” said Drew Carter, CEO of Whistle. “This new feature reduces administrative burdens while enabling companies to celebrate their people in a meaningful, personalized manner.”

Set It Once, Let Whistle Handle the Rest

Configuring automated birthday and anniversary recognitions is refreshingly straightforward. Craft a message that fits the culture of your organization, choose a celebratory gif, and designate a sender.. From there, Whistle ensures timely delivery without any additional effort on your part.

Our convenient data-integrity page also identifies any missing user data, allowing you to rectify it and ensure no milestone slips through the cracks.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized Appreciations: Your recognitions should fit your company culture. Tailor messages, attach GIFs, and offer rewards for birthdays and anniversaries separately. 
  • Time-Saving Automation: Define your preferences once, and let Whistle handle delivery automatically.
  • Reduced Administrative Effort: Eliminate the need for manual tracking and scheduling of these recognitions.
  • Data Integrity Monitoring: Easily find and update any incomplete user information for seamless execution.

Whether you’re a small team or a global enterprise, Whistle’s new Birthday and Service Anniversary Rewards feature equips you to celebrate employee milestones consistently without intensive administrative work.

“We’re dedicated to developing robust solutions that simplify recognition and rewards,” said Ben Valenti, Head of Engineering at Whistle. “This release underscores our commitment to saving customers time while enabling meaningful employee appreciation.”

Birthday Rewards

Set up in Seconds

Its easy to set up birthday rewards and service anniversary award programs in Whistle with easy to use tools that automate the complexity for you.

service anniversary rewards and birthday rewards
Add Giphy imagaes to recognitions

Expression with Emojis and GIFs

Birthday rewards and service anniversary rewards are more expressive than ever with the ability to add emojis and animated GIFs. Inject personality into your recognitions and rewards!

Customize the message and reward to fit your culture

Edit the birthday rewards message, the reward amount, the images and more.  The Whistle recognition builder makes it easy to make it yours.

Birthday Reward
Whistle social recognition

Interactive Social Feed

Within the public feed, team members can engage with each other’s recognitions. Comment, react, and pile on the praise to foster a culture of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

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