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Introducing Recognition – Elevate Culture in the Workplace or On the Job Site

Elevate Culture in the Workplace or On the Job Site with Whistle’s New Recognition Tools

Whistle has been the go-to platform for payments and rewards, and now, we’re excited to introduce a powerful new feature: Recognition.  

The new recognition tool perfectly compliments the easiest to use incentive and rewards features already on the Whistle Rewards platform.  

“Recognition gives managers and employees an easy way to provide social appreciation, gamification and more interactive elements”, said Drew Carter, CEO of Whistle.  “Whistle recognition is easy to use and an effective way to champion behaviors and build culture”.

Beyond Rewards: A Social Approach to Appreciation

Recognitions on the Whistle Rewards Platform are more than just a pat on the back – they’re a dynamic, social experience. Building on our philosophy of simple and easy to use, recognitions adds a vibrant social channel within your workplace, enhancing team dynamics and fostering a positive workplace culture.

“Whether you are a construction company building a culture of safety on the job site or a health care provider building a culture of care, at Whistle we understand that you can’t build a great culture without recognizing the behaviors that define your success.” said Ben Valenti, Head of Engineering at Whistle.  “We built Whistle’s recognition features to be easy to use and perfectly complement our existing rewards and payment technology.”

Recognize someone
Whistle Recognition on Mobile and Web

Simplified Activity Feed

A new, streamlined activity feed consolidates all company recognitions in one place, providing a snapshot of the positive moments and achievements within your team.

Recognition Activity Feed
Add Giphy imagaes to recognitions

Expression with Emojis and GIFs

Recognitions are more expressive than ever with the ability to add emojis and animated GIFs. Inject personality into your appreciations and make them stand out.

Connect to Company Values

Integrate your company values directly into recognitions. Showcase the alignment of individuals with your organization’s core principles, reinforcing a shared sense of purpose.

Values in recognition
Whistle social recognition

Interactive Social Feed

Within the public feed, team members can engage with each other’s recognitions. Comment, react, and pile on the praise to foster a culture of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

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