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Whistle Insights

Its time to connect your people data to measurable business outcomes

Whistle Insights

Why Whistle Insights?

Easy to administer

Easy to Manage

Whistle Insights was designed to manage complex people data so more time can be spent on insights from the data and less time with data management headaches.

Data integrations


Integrate data from almost any source, from one or more systems.  From HRIS to CRMs, Whistle can integrate with almost any data source.

Advanced Segmentation

Set permissions so people can access the appropriate information for their role – no more, no less.  Being able to share data across your organization can empower every member of the team.


Robust Visualizations

Leverage an existing library of data visualizations, reports and analysis tools or work with our designers to create a custom data visualization tools for a specific need.

Limitless Scale

Built on the next generation of cloud infrastructure, the Whistle Data Platform offers both flexibility and scale without compromising efficiency or productivity.

Secure payments

Safe and Secure

The Whistle Data Platform operates with some of the highest standards in data management and encryption tools, ensuring your data is stored in a safe and secure manner.

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Whistle Insights

Whistle Insights offers companies new ways to unlock the potential of their people data – past, present and future.

  • Data ingestion and integration

    Integrate data from almost any data source (past or present) into a clean and organized format to improve performance and reporting

  • Data visualization

    Leverage an existing library of visualization reports or work with our designers to create custom data visualization tools

  • Surveys and Employee Feedback

    Collect information from key groups or an entire company and stay informed about what is most important.

  • Employee Program ROI

    Connect employee program to business metrics and not only understand, but predict the impact of your people programs.

Whistle Insights

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