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Whistle, the employee loyalty platform

Employee Loyalty is critical to the success of every business yet most companies try to address employee loyalty through tools and systems not designed for that purpose.  The Whistle app is the first platform designed specifically to move the needle on employee loyalty – improving retention and productivity in just a few months.

Employee Loyalty with the Whistle App

Companies are facing new challenges in a post pandemic world, with employee retention at the top of the list

Employee retention is at an all time low and expected to cost US businesses $528b in 2022

Employee engagement has dropped 11% in the last two years

The rate of US productivity is in decline after a decade of stagnation

But there is a big disconnect between what employers are doing and what employees want when it comes to attrition

Employers focus on transactional elements as primary factors for attrition – (1) Compensation, (2) looking for a better job and (3) poor health.

Employees focus on relational elements as primary factors for attrition. (1) Feeling valued by my organization and (2) manager, (3) having a sense of belonging.

Whistle simplifies and automates the complexity of relational people programs that are core to creating employee loyalty

Employee loyalty is what we do

Getting started is easy. We suggest the Employee Loyalty Index as the first step.

The Employee Loyalty Index helps you quickly identify the gaps in your employee loyalty strategy and informs your best, next step.

  • The survey can be deployed in minutes
  • Collect insights into what is needed and where
  • Benchmark again industry groups
  • Identify immediate needs that can provide the biggest impact
  • Clarify an employee loyalty strategy
Employee Loyalty Survey

Whistle App getting started

1. Create a Whistle account for your company.  It’s free to sign up and takes less than a minute.

Fund a budget on the Whistle app

2. Choose a program from our library of templates.  From employee payments to onboarding to culture budgets – we make it easy.

Culture budgets on the Whistle app

3. Send payments or invite participants. Include one or one thousand people in your program – either way it just takes a few seconds!

Easy reporting with the Whistle app

4. Measure progress toward your goals. Track progress in real time through your dashboard or organize data in custom reports.  We make program management and accounting easy.

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